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Before #Ferguson, Michael Brown’s death was already a topic on Twitter

Before the protests and the armed vehicles. Before tear gas sent an Al Jazeera news crew scrambling for safety. Before Ferguson, MO became a no-fly zone and before we became all too familiar with the burned out shell of a middle America QuikTrip, the...

What’s on your HDTV: Shark Week, ‘Wilfred’ series finale and ‘Mission Blue’

This week sports fans can check out preseason NFL action, Little League World Series and the US Men's basketball team. Of course, it's also Shark Week and as usual, Discovery is trying to squeeze a few more specials out of everything related to the...

Amazon and Disney are fighting, so you can’t pre-order ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ on Blu-ray

Neither side has confirmed it, but it looks like Amazon's latest pricing battle (after Warner Bros. and its ongoing battle with book publisher Hachette) is with Disney. That's why you can't pre-order a copy of Guardians of the Galaxy on DVD or...

David Attenborough’s next 3D nature doc and new VR experiences are coming soon

The 3D hype may have died down from its peak a few years ago, but Sir David Attenborough is continuing to make use of the technology (check after the break for a video explaining some of the infatuation with it) for his critically acclaimed nature...

Verizon FiOS gets a speed boost: now uploads go as fast as downloads

Before Google Fiber, Verizon FiOS was the speedy internet service everyone wanted in their neighborhood. The arrival of 1Gbps connections, a slowed rollout, and an ongoing battle with Netflix that's slowing streams to a crawl has slightly dulled the...
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