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3DS firmware update promises folders, less cluttered home screens on April 25th


3DS firmware update brings folders

Are all those ambassador games crowding your 3DS' home screen? Sit tight, Nintendo's got a fix. During the outfit's Nintendo Direct conference livestream, head honcho Satoru Iwata announced that folder organization is coming to the 3DS. Fastidiously organized gamers can expect the firmware update to land on April 25th, bringing with it the joy of creating directories, stuffing them with up to 60 items and ascribing them fitting names. Iwata also detailed a handful of upcoming titles, including New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Tobidase Dobutsu no Mor (or, "Leap out Animal Crossing") for the 3DS and a Kirby compilation for the Wii. Follow the source link below for a full playback of Iwata's spiel, or check out Joystiq's coverage of the event for more details.

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Computer Game Designed To Treat Depression As Effective As Traditional Treatment


New submitter sirlark writes "'Researchers at the University of Auckland tested an interactive 3D fantasy game called Sparx on a 94 youngsters diagnosed with depression whose average age was 15 and a half. Sparx invites a user to take on a series of seven challenges over four to seven weeks in which an avatar has to learn to deal with anger and hurt feelings and swap negative thoughts for helpful ones. Used for three months, Sparx was at least as effective as face-to-face conventional counselling, according to several depression rating scales. In addition, 44% of the Sparx group who carried out at least four of the seven challenges recovered completely. In the conventional treatment group, only 26% recovered fully.' One has to wonder if it's Sparx specifically — or gaming in general — that provides the most benefit, given that most of the symptoms of depression relate to a feeling of being unable to influence one's environment (powerlessness, helplessness, ennui, etc) and games are specifically designed to make one feel powerful but challenged (if they hit the sweet spot)."

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Google must do more to police YouTube music use – San Francisco Chronicle


Google must do more to police YouTube music use
San Francisco Chronicle
video Music royalties on YouTube Google partly lost a German copyright-infringement suit over how much it must do to remove illegal music videos from its YouTube website. A Hamburg court partly ruled in favor of a suit brought by German music ...
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Google Ordered to Stop Copyright Violations on YouTubeNew York Times
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Dude Skips ATM Line, Gets Stabbed, Calmly Completes Transaction [Wtf]

We've all be there. Those days when you've just had enough already. The slightest provocation and you're ready to blow. Maybe you elbow someone a little to hard when they crowd your subway-space. Maybe you pop off on the waitress for messing up your order. Or, if you're like one disgruntled Chinese man, maybe you catapult yourself over the glass-walled ATM vestibule and stab the guy who skipped infront of you in line. More »

Google Developer Testifies That Java Memo Was Misinterpreted


benfrog writes with a piece that appeared in yesterday's Wall Street Journal about the in-progress legal battle between Oracle and Google over Java: "Ex-Sun and current Google employee Tim Lindholm testified that it was "not what he meant" when asked about the smoking gun email (included here (PDF)) that essentially said that Google needed to get a license for Java because all the alternatives 'suck[ed].' He went on in 'brief but tense testimony' to claim that his day-to-day involvement with Android was limited."

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