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What Makes Spider Webs Tough As Steel


sciencehabit writes "A new analysis reveals the intricacies of spider web design, showing how the unique properties of its silk turn webs into flexible yet strong traps. Computer simulations reveal that heavy forces spread over the entire net rather than stay local. Real spider silk can be either stretchy or stiff at different times, which produces threads that flex and then snap in just the right way to avoid wrecking nearby spokes."

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Apple loses bid to ban Samsung Galaxy devices – San Francisco Chronicle


Apple loses bid to ban Samsung Galaxy devices
San Francisco Chronicle
Sascha Schuermann / AP Samsung showed that Apple's patent will likely be revoked because of a technology that was already on the market. Apple failed to get a preliminary ban on sales of Samsung Electronics' Galaxy 10.1N and Galaxy Nexus' mobile phone ...
Samsung Galaxy S III: Can 'the best Android' phone pull off a sequel?Christian Science Monitor
Rumors surface for Galaxy S II Plus and other Samsung devicesCNET
Apple Loses Bid to Ban Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N, Nexus PhoneBusinessWeek
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Microsoft Releases Kinect for Windows Hardware, SDK

Microsoft Releases Kinect for Windows Hardware, SDKThe hardware and SDK to Kinect for Windows is now shipping, as promised.

Is this the Mirrorless Pentax K-01 in These Leaked Photos? [Cameras]

A collection of official-looking leaked photos made it on to the Pentax Forums today, purportedly unveiling the upcoming K-01 mirrorless camera. It looks to be available in multiple colors, features an HDR mode, and comes equipped with a 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens. There's been no official word from Pentax as to availability or price. [Pentax Forums via Engadget] More »

Pirate Apple TV Operation Nabbed In Australia


littlekorea writes "New South Wales Police have arrested a man selling USB keys bearing the Apple logo, which offered access to over a thousand Pay TV channels, another thousand movies on demand and several hundred adult films. A forensic analysis of the device revealed the content was hosted in China but streamed via US servers and domains."

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